• For Fresh, Salt or Brackish Water
  • Inert Ceramic
  • 80% to 90% Open Porosity
  • 1.5 m2/g Specific Surface Area
  • 435,000 m2/m3 Surface Area
  • 0.3 to 0.5 g/cc Density
  • Thin Bio-Film Technology™

MarinePure® has been used worldwide in public aquariums and commercial applications, and is suitable for commercial in-situ and RAS Aquaculture water management.


Real Results

  • Proven increased yields over 25%
  • Increased feed utilization and stock density per/m3
  • Reduced need to add carbon sources due to thriving bacteria colonized in MarinePure®
  • Reduced the need for bacteria to be continually added to the system
  • Reduced excessive bio-floc buildup as beneficial bacteria are housed within MarinePure®
  • Reduced the activated sludge buildup and excessive sedimentation due to the dentrifying bacteria being housed within MarinePure®
  • Resisted clogging due to the proprietary interconnecting cell technology.


How it Works

Thin Bio-Film Technology™

MarinePure® biofilter media's unique combination of vast surface area and open-flow porosity make it the most unique and highest capacity biofilter edia available. Water can access the entirety of the structure allowing the bio-film to remain thin and ultimately more viable.

MarinePure® is perfect media for direct use in ponds and in RAS biofilters.

MarinePure® AQUACULTURE PODS can be hung or floated directly in the pond.

MarinePure® biofiltration media has been proven to significantly contribute to the overall health of the system and improve Aquaculture yield rates.

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