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located in Buffalo, New York.
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Who is CerMedia?

CerMedia LLC was formed in 2009. Located in the historic Black Rock section of Buffalo, NY we currently have over 10,000 ft2 of manufacturing space.

CerMedia LLC uses state of the art ceramic process technology to produce a substrate that is designed for beneficial bacteria to flourish. CerMedia LLC products are used in all water and gas environments from fish tanks to large industrial systems.


For both Fresh and Salt Water, MarinePure Bio-filter Media is the perfect place for beneficial bacteria to flourish in order to remove harmful fish wastes. It will eliminate ammonia and nitrites and lower nitrates.

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MarinePure® has been used worldwide in public aquariums and commercial applications, and is suitable for commercial in-situ and RAS Aquaculture water management.

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From small goldfish ponds to large koi systems, MarinePure is the perfect place for beneficial bacteria to flourish in order to remove harmful fish wastes. It will eliminate ammonia and nitrites and lower nitrates.

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BioVast provides engineered ceramic solutions for the natural remediation of industrial waste water and waste gas. BioVast substrate is designed to provide the highest surface area available for beneficial bacteria growth. The substrates have tested effective in the proliferation of bacterial colonies proven efficient in biological filtration.

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Welcome to CerMedia

Eliminate ammonia and reduce nitrates and other contaminants – naturally


times more surface area than home plastic remedies


1 block per 500 gallons


up to 90% Open Porosity


years of state of the art ceramic process technology

"Reduce water changes and nitrate in any aquarium or pond using MarinePure."

– Paul Talbot


The comments below are just a sample of the 2,000+ clients worldwide who transformed their aquariums, ponds and industrial environments with MarinePure or BioVast.

What Clients Say

“In all honesty, seeing MarinePure operate for over 2 years in multiple different applications, I can say that close to 100% of the surface area is usable…its incredibly high USABLE surface area is reason enough alone to use it, coupled with the ability to stay relatively waste free, makes this media a long term investment that will provide years of reliable service.”

— Gareth Barber

“In two weeks fully colonized, I am feeding my kois 6 times a day with 0 ammonia…this is great stuff…thank you very much.”

— Sylvan Chiatram

“MarinePure brings you a better way to keep your aquarium water clean through the use of CerMedia technology. With more surface area than other bio-media products, it gives bacteria more room to grow and enhance your aquariums capacity for biological filtration.”

— Tim Hayes, Midland Reefs

“This product is extremely light in weight and porous. When rinsed no water collects on the top of the pad or runs off the side.”

— Robert, Bulk Reef Supply Customer



Contact us to learn more about how MarinePure and BioVast can help your aquarium and aquaculture environments!


P.O. Box 600
66 River Rock Dr.
Buffalo, NY 14207

info@cermedia.com or

(716) 549-6600

Leyda Vazquez
Business Development Manager
(716) 549-6600 x264

Paul Pustulka
General Manager