Get Ready For Pond Season with CerMedia and MP2C

Here at CerMedia we are really looking forward to spring.  It has been a long, cold winter but sunnier times are ahead.  We know this is the time Koi and Goldfish enthusiasts start to think (obsession for some) about getting their ponds up and running and how to make it even better this year.  CerMedia’s MP2C is a great way to enhance your pond’s filtration system.  Not only will it improve the look and quality of your pond water, it also can reduce water changes and allow you to keep more fish.  Check out our Buying Options page for a list of some of our MP2C vendors (or ask your local pond supply store to carry MP2C).

MP2C is like no other bio-filtration media on the market today.  It has a unique combination of vast surface area (can hold more good bacteria) AND open-flow porosity (nutrient rich water can get to the good bacteria).  Other medias may have one of these features but not both.  We call this Thin-BioFilm Technology as the bacterial colonies can spread out, not competing with itself. Our media resists plugging, because this thin bio-film is spread throughout the entire part, not just near the surface as with other medias.  Pour water through our media and you see how the water spreads with little resistance. You cannot do that with other medias.  Also, we say if you need less media (i.e. putting a hole down the center) to make it better, there is something wrong with your media.  Our media is extremely effective in removing ammonia and nitrites, a process which uses oxygen.  An additional benefit is that our media has plenty of inner nooks and crannies to allow low-oxygen zones to be created where anaerobic bacteria can work on your nitrates.  Results are that less water changes are needed and there is less algae in your pond.

Our media can be used in shower systems above the water line or in submerged systems including canister type filters and waterfall filters.  The choice is yours.  You should just make sure to have good mechanical filtration prior to the the biological filter (as is good practice with any biological filter) and prevent the media from agitation on itself as it will wear against itself.  (No, you cannot use our product in a mixed sand bed filter)

If you will be upgrading your equipment this year, planning a filter system that uses MP2C will allow smaller systems (1 or two shower trays as compared to 4 or more) which means lower initial costs and lower operating costs (pumping uphill is costly).  Check out a few of our preferred vendors who manufacture filter systems designed with CerMedia in mind. These include Bridge Way Koi, Deepwater Koi, and Living Water Solutions.

Please send us pictures of your ponds and filtrations systems ( We want to see the good work you do and the fish you enjoy.  Happy Spring!

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  1. Joseph Barr

    I’m wondering the best way (if there is one) to unclog cermedia that didn’t have the best prefilter.

    • Thank you for your question. There a a couple ways we recommend cleaning MP2C. First is just a vigorous dunking in water. A high pressure rinse might work also. For a deeper cleaning, the product can be soaked in a dilute hydrogen peroxide mix overnight followed by a rinsing.

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