Introducing MarinePure GEMS

June 21, 2018 Phil Overton

CerMedia is pleased to announce the release of our newest product to the MarinePure family, MarinePure GEMs. The MarinePure GEM is about ¾“ diameter part that will be the perfect biological media for canister filters, hang on the back and nano-tank systems up to 70 gallons. The GEMs have the same porosity as our popular MarinePure SPHERES. Their unique combination open flow porosity and high surface area means one box of these little beauties is packed with over 1,450 Square Feet (135 Square Meters) of accessible Surface Area. They will be the perfect solution for ammonia and nitrite elimination, and most users will also see better control in Nitrates. Please contact your favorite MarinePure dealer for more details. 


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