MarinePure with Thin-Film Technology

September 6, 2012
September 6, 2012 Phil Overton

MarinePure with Thin Bio-Film Technology Offers Premium Bio-filtration Capabilities for the International Aquatics Industry

CerMedia LLC, a technology developer, manufacturer and international provider of high surface area ceramic media, offers its MarinePure line of Thin Bio-Film Technology products for managing the nitrogen cycle in aquatics applications.

With an interconnected open-flow pore structure that facilitates up to 100 times more inhabitable surface area than competing bio-media filters, MarinePure products provide an ideal substrate for thin bio-film development. The thin film makes the supply of necessary nutrients immediately available for the growth of beneficial bacteria, which aid in removing ammonia and nitrites from the aquatic environment while also offering the potential to reduce nitrates. It also prevents the buildup of thick flocs that cause clogging with other bio-medias. MarinePure is equally suitable for salt and fresh water fish tanks, and in outdoor ponds including koi ponds.

“MarinePure offers exceptional bio-filtration capabilities facilitated by approximately 150,000 sq. ft. per cu. ft. (510m2/L) of available surface area for bacteria growth – all within a light, smaller-footprint substrate,” said Nancy Jackson, CerMedia business development manager. “This translates to reduced tank maintenance while allowing for higher fish loads, and can provide an overall greater value for the customer due to the product line’s premium-level performance characteristics.”

MarinePure products are composed of an inert inorganic aluminosilicate material that has been fired to temperatures of up to 1850°F (1010°C). Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, MarinePure products are designed for use with all types of bio-filters, including sumps, canister filters, shower filters, wet/dry filters and hang-on-the-back filters, or can be placed directly in the tank.
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CerMedia LLC is a Buffalo, N.Y.-based technology developer, manufacturer and international provider of high surface area ceramic media that facilitates the bio-filtration of certain liquids and vapors, and can act as an inert substrate for various catalytic and chemical reactions. Established in 2010, the company encompasses the MarinePure brand of bio-filtration products for the aquatics industry, as well as the BioVast brand of products for air and water remediation across numerous industry applications. For additional information, visit

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