March 26, 2019 Phil Overton

I joined CerMedia early this year. I was excited and eager for this new opportunity, but I had no idea that it would open a door to a whole new world – a world that takes a high level of dedication, where extravagant reef tanks and exotic fish becomes part of your life and your passion. This world is one where research into the best and the newest products keeps your passion alive, and trial and error will never destroy it. This is the world of the reef tank hobbyist.

The reef tank hobby does not merely consist of fishkeeping, although that is how it starts, but also branches out into aquascaping.  This is where the love for the art fuses with your aquarium crave. It can then branch into reef keeping, where the complexity of chemistry and aquarium hobby becomes one.


Earlier this month, I was fortunate enough to participate in the 2nd Annual Greater  Niagara Coral Show. Because it was my first trade show exhibit experience, I had many questions.  Although it was described to me how trade shows usually work, I still didn’t quite know what the experience would be like. It was here that I got my first small taste of reef keeping.

As I entered through the doors of the trade show, I was welcomed with rows of colorful displays, black booth walls, and breathtakingly beautiful corals. Each exhibitor was busy, working hard to make their booth stand out from the rest. There were rows packed with a wide variety of corals, delightfully cute clown fish, jellyfish, filter systems, aquarium equipment and pretty much everything that is needed to run a successful tank at home. In the back, tables were filled with raffle prizes. They even had a room specifically for the kids to have fun and enjoy their time while at the show.

Despite my many years of management and customer service, I’m still somewhat bashful, so being at the trade show as a representative for CerMedia was a bit unnerving. However, I was pleasantly surprised. Everyone who came to our booth, whether it was an inquisitive aquarist who wanted to know about MarinePure or the experienced hobbyist who had turned their devotion into an avocation, was easygoing and down to earth. As I walked up and down the rows checking out custom made equipment, adorable fish, intriguing art and merchandise, and beautiful corals, I noticed how each exhibitor were devoted to their craft. Each of them was attentive, friendly, wanting to share their work and knowledge to everyone.

I’ve learned that if I wanted to start my own reef tank, the bigger the tank the better. Starting with soft corals is best for beginners. Filtration, sump, a heater, test kits, nets, lights, powerheads, and thermometers are some of the items I would need. Testing is important and understanding the complexity of a specific gravity, salinity, alkalinity and phosphates is necessary. All of this made me realize that even though I was intrigued with all the beauty I saw, I am not quite ready for my own reef tank. For now, I am content that I got to see and experience the profound dedication and that, with our products, MarinePure™ Bio Filtration Media, we get to have a tiny role in this amazing craft.

SECORE International for Coral Reef Restoration

I have a new and profound admiration for the aquarium hobbyist. I had a great time learning about this new world and getting to know the experts. I was also impressed with how much work the team of the Greater Niagara Coral Show had put in. Not only did they make this great event happen, they were also able to raise money for SECORE International for Coral Reef Restoration during the event.

Hats off to Brian and his team for their hard work.

I can’t wait until my next aquarium show!

– Leyda

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